Professional Trainer

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Edson Jones

Edson Jones is a true basketball addict. Edson has played basketball all his life, he eats, breathes, sleeps, & wakes up to basketball. When he first started out, shooting, dribbling, passing, they were all foreign concepts. But after thousands of hours in the park, in the gym, Edson developed a passion for controlling and dribbling a basketball. His love for dribbling quickly became his identity. Friends and family started calling Edson "Handles", as his skills grew to an elite level.

Edson continued to develop his skills, which quickly opened the door to playing post secondary basketball at Niagara College. After a college playing career littered with awards, Edson caught the eye of a well known coach for a professional team in Germany. One thing led to another, and before he knew it Edson found himself spending 9 years playing professionally in Germany, and even coaching at the youth level. 

Despite a successful pro career, Edson never stops working and trying to improve his game. Edson continues to spend countless hours in the gym working on his shooting, ball handling, and fundamentals. The only difference now, is he has a new passion to mach his love of the game, and that is teaching it to others and helping them achieve their basketball dreams. Edson has quickly become an accomplished trainer. With a unique and challenging approach, he helps players develop a balanced skill set that is ready for the next level.

Playing Career

2000-2004 Niagara College Men's Varsity Basketball Team

2006-2014 Germany Professional Basketball, for the following teams:

  • Dusseldorf Magic
  • Bayer Uerdingen Krefeld
  • Aachen Musketeers
  • Wuppertal
  • Capone Dusseldorf
  • Hagen Haspe

Career Accolades

2011 Eurobasket Summer League All-Star
2005 Dusseldorf Capone Champions
2004 All-Star Representitive (T.B.L) 
2003-02 Niagara College MVP
2003 1st Team League All-Star (Niagara College) 
2003 Athlete of Distinction (Niagara College) 
2003 Award of Excellence (Niagara College) 
2002 Niagara College MVP
2002 2nd Team League All-Star (Niagara College) 
2000 Rookie of the Year (Niagara College)