Team Training

Need a new voice to motivate your team? Could your players benefit from professional skills development? Could your practices benefit from new, more challenging and skill focused drills?  Excel Hoops and our professional trainers offer Team Training services.  

Excel Hoops will work with you to identify the specific needs of your players, and curate drills and training to maximize development during your team's practice. We work to reinforce your system, ensuring the drills and skill development further your players and your team as a whole.


Team Training Philosophy

Session Pricing

Our training approach looks to maximize player involvement, with continuous movement rather than stationary drills. We look to develop basketball skills within in-game scenarios, to ease transition of skills in to actual game play. We look to develop both universal skills, and specialized position based skills to ensure the development of complete players. Our biggest differentiator is that our professional trainer, touting nearly a decade of Pro experience, is in the drills with the players pushing them to the next level. For team training, we customize this approach to cater to your team's and individual players needs. By meeting with you before hand, we can establish the best way to compliment your existing system with our skills development drills. 

Team Training Single Session: $120.00

Duration: 1 hour

Team Training Full Practice: $200.00

Duration: 2 hours

Multi-Session packages available upon request, please contact us for more info.

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